Blog 472: Art for Art’s Sake

Over the last eleven Wednesdays (bar one as a holiday), I attended the City of Glasgow College to further my education. I paid a fair sum for about 30 hours of art training. “Drawing for Beginners”.

I decided that, in order to further my presentation of concept art for the likes of Y4, it might be wise to learn to draw objects that actually exist before trying to articulate those that don’t.

So, I’d like to invite you in to take a look at some of the delights I produced during my education…

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Blog 377: Through the Borderlands

I got Borderlands with crimbo money. I bumped into Jack in Waterstone’s, then we picked up the last two copies from the Game in the Buchannan Galleries. For ten pounds apiece less than the Game on Sauchiehall Street, for some reason.

I have to say, it is a thoroughly enjoyable game. It is a breath of fresh air in a world of serious business. It’s so lovable.

I was initially skeptical because of its comedic nature, though. I read a preview that said it was hilarious fun, but only really if you’re playing cooperatively — and that’s quite a serious downer for me, a dedicated loner. Then I discovered it was all very stylised, with huge comic-book black borders around things, and I somewhat switched off (because I do tend to be into the whole serious business jig). Kilbirnie decided to get it, so I waited on his opinion (because we all know how well he can be trusted, right?). He said it was good. People on the internet said it was good. Since at least a few people I knew had it for the PC, that meant that I had good backup for cooperative play as a last resort.

Assuming one of us could get it port forwarded.

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