Game Development

Blog 652: GameDev Reloaded

For making game that is ultimately going to be about robots with swords, I’m fair bearing down on implementing gunplay right now. Well, the robots with swords will have guns too, so they will still need to be good — and most of the enemies will only have guns.

In the interests of simulated reality, enemy guns must function just like yours. They will require ammunition and they will require reloading… Unless the particular weapon does not require these things, of course.

How hard can it be?

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Blog 591: Mass Effect 2: Shep ‘arder

Mass Effect 2‘s biggest problem is its plot. I’ve been through that a million times and it gives me no pleasure (except perhaps in the reinforcement of my own belief that I’ll be Doing It RightTM when it’s my turn).

So let’s harp on about combat and mechanics again.

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