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Blog 445: Rexxar, Oh Rexxar

A couple of weeks ago, the sun was shining (oh my, such a rare occurrence).

This took me back to the Warcraft III OrcX campaign. Or, as it’s more commonly known (most people don’t know things by their internal labels, it’s true), The Founding of Durotar. The Rexxar campaign. This is the only one of the campaigns that I actually enjoy, because, well, it’s not a shitty RTS campaign. Have I told you that WC3 is a terrible RTS? Surely.

When The Frozen Throne came out, it came with only part one of this three-part campaign. We played it and loved it, a deliciously large slice of action-adventure, and then we languished in development hell waiting for the next two episodes to come.

Unlike almost every episodic game since, they actually did come.

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Blog 423: Butterfly, Butterfly — A-ha Live 2010

Oh, A-ha, why did you have to produce your best album since Scoundrel Days only to so cruelly tear yourselves away? You didn’t even come to Scotland for the Foot of the Mountain tour last year, and yet you surely would have sold out just as this year’s finale did (and well in advance).

Oh, A-ha. I love you, but it seems ours is a love that is doomed to languish in the past…

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Blog 408: Unreleased Material

Yesterday I turned 22. Yesterday I bought the extended and remastered versions of A-ha’s first two albums, Hunting High and Low and Scoundrel Days with some gift money.

The selection of unreleased material is absolutely jaw-dropping incredible.

My life just got a little more complete.

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