Exon is a stand-alone, singleplayer, narrative-driven sci-fi action-RPG game, where your budding career as a mech-driving adventurer takes a turn for the worse when your first job goes sour. Inspired by classics like Nox, Deus Ex, Baldur’s Gate and Unreal Tournament, and the grand RPG maps made by the Warcraft III modding community, Exon attempts to achieve a blend of high action and satisfying narrative.

  • Top-down melee combat: smash up other mechs with big swords, because swords never run out of ammo
  • Equipment-based progression: your mech is only as good as the weapons it carries — swap out swords, shields, guns and utilities as you find them or need them, with no need to worry about experience points, levels or attributes
  • Conversation: find jobs and unravel the story by talking to allies and enemies alike
  • Adventure: leave the bustling waystations behind and strike out into the wilderness for more danger but more reward, in a universe littered with the byproducts of technological advance
  • No online features: no DRM, no sign-in, no bullshit

Exon is still in active development so all details are subject to change. Keep up to date with the latest news by following this blog, or get smaller but more frequent updates by following me on Twitter. Please direct all bug reports or other enquiries to the Exon Helpline!

System Requirements

I currently have no idea what the system requirements will be. Although Exon uses a low-poly art style, it makes extensive use of Unity’s physics engine and dynamic shadows. As such, it is CPU-bound and likely to remain that way; a discrete GPU is a requirement, but it shouldn’t need to be a top-of-the-line one.

  • Windows 7 or later
  • A mouse & keyboard
  • (TBC) A processor
  • (TBC) Some amount of RAM
  • (TBC) A graphics card
  • (TBC) Some hard drive space

Latest News

The development process for Exon has been quite thoroughly documented, as I’ve used developer diaries along the way to organise my thoughts and hopefully provide some interest or insight to other game devs and observers. There are entries about most of the major design decisions and technical systems, right from its inception to the present day. Just be careful if you read an older article about some system or other — there’s a good chance I’ve rebuilt it since then!


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