Rao Dao Zao is a solo modder, game developer and misunderstood artist. He also goes by “Robbie”, but that’s nowhere near as glamorous or search engine-friendly.

I have been developing games since the dawn of the new millenium, first aiming for sprawling singleplayer experiences in Warcraft III before making the leap to stand-alone development with Unity3D.

This blog is all the conversations I never had in real life… and some that I did. Primarily I write about games, game design and game development (particularly what I’m playing and what I’m working on at the time), but I’m also into narrative design and writing so films sometimes come up too.

These are my own opinions and are definitely not shared by anyone else in the universe. It makes me sad to be shouting into the void on the wrong side of history so often, but I’m used to it by now!

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