Rao Dao Zao is a solo modder and game developer, misunderstood artist and definitely not a software engineer. He also goes by “Robbie”, but that’s nowhere near as glamorous or search engine-friendly.

This blog is all the conversations he never had in real life. And some that he did.

He has been developing since the dawn of the new millenium, creating sprawling singleplayer experiences for Warcraft III for more than ten years before finally making the leap to stand-alone with Unity3D development.

This blog tracks everything from the progress of his naively implemented personal projects to hilariously out-of-date computer game examinations and pretty much everything in between. He just says it like he sees it — nothing more, nothing less.

These are his own opinions and are definitely not shared by anyone else in the universe. He takes no responsibility for any factual inaccuracies he may or may not propagate in his enthusiasm.

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