Blog 861: Robbie Enterprises Movie Company 2

I used to burn a lot of stuff to CD-Rs. Back in the day, it seemed like a reasonable way to keep stuff safe for… well, ever. Joke’s on me — burned CD-Rs have about a 20-year lifespan and, yes indeed, we are approaching that cut-off. I figured it was time to rescue what could be rescued and transfer everything to more reliable external hard drives. (Whether or not any of this junk is worth saving is another matter entirely.)

And then I discovered a whole heap of Lego stop-motion movies I had totally forgotten about. Enjoy!

Robbie Enterprises Movie Company 2

The Duel

Two ninjas face off in honourable combat… but are quickly distracted. Guess what game all those sound effects came from?

The Duel (2007)

Road Rage

Short and sweet, I always loved a non-sequitur ending.

Road Rage (2007)


It seems my distaste for mobile phones has not changed in the fifteen years since I made this short film. Is this my only film with a moral message?

Phones (2007)

Black Ninja’s Revenge

It’s hard to believe that I made this with another student as university coursework, but it’s true — for a paired Design and Evaluation of Multimedia Systems project, we made a stop-motion video and a little website to hold it. That’s a multimedia system, right? The website doesn’t work anymore (embedded Windows Media Player, lol), but here’s the central video.

As you can tell by the ridiculous clarity of the imagery, this was “filmed” using a proper digital camera with macro focus rather than the LegoCam. Hope you’re doing well, Ross! (I don’t remember what grade we got for it. Probably best not to think about that.)

Black Ninja’s Revenge (2010)

Jungle Versus the Ninjas

Yep, last time I swore that I never finished this movie, but it turns out my memory is shot to pieces — the voice acting is truly hideous, but it’s all here.

(There is an earlier version where the giblets drop with splats instead of flames… But I think we can all appreciate the MSPaint special effects work.)

Jungle vs. The Ninjas V2 (2002)

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