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Blog 795: This Wreckage Gold

Luckily This Wreckage is much better built than When the Freedom Slips Away, so it’s much less buggy on the scripting level. Unluckily, it contains a whole heap of custom models and data that Reforged doesn’t seem to like. Sigh. No rest for the wicked, huh?

This is a bit overdue because I was sort-of waiting for Reforged to stabilise a bit and… uh… well, since the dev team has apparently been dismantled, I guess this is as stable as it’s going to get! So behold: This Wreckage Gold with a load of fixes and small tweaks! … and a whole heap of unfixable “known issues”. Double sigh.

This Wreckage Gold

The primary issue is that the ability selection system does not work anymore, due to bugs that have been introduced to the Engineering Upgrade ability. However, there is an interesting way of determining whether you’re running a newer version of WC3 available at the Hive so I’ve added a simple “Reforged or not?” check which swaps out the full ability selection system for a standard set. Thus the map will continue to be playable, but it won’t be the full experience, which you can of course get by playing in Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne version 1.26.

Known issues you may or may not see in any Reforged version (1.27 and above):

- Incorrect loading screen shows
- Minimap shows instead of preview image in lobby
- Some camera angles are off centre
- Finale cinematic lyric timings are very off
- Intro title fade filter is off centre
- Intro text is off centre
- Some units do not have shadows
- Some tooltips are cut off a few words before their true ends
- Henrik only has a single ability choice available at each stage


- Fixed backpack model that broke in Reforged
- Fixed missing Shield of Fire attachments in Reforged
- Fixed swamp trees being invisible in Reforged
- Updated website addresses
- Fixed a spelling mistake in A Short Treatise on Energies
- Fixed a spelling mistake in the Upgrade quest intro cinematic
- Fixed a spelling mistake in Wasted Whispers' defeat cinematic
- Fixed a spelling mistake in Taratik final confrontation cinematic
- Fixed a spelling mistake in The Commander's final cinematic
- Fixed a typo in Gnineek's item description
- Fixed a spelling mistake in Maksimillian's final cinematic
- Fixed a typo in the Pig's tooltip
- Fixed a spelling mistake in the Ancient Sword description
- Moved Uralon's shield attachment point out a bit so shields clip his big hand less
- Fixed Grints appearing green-skinned in Reforged
- Fixed level 6 tooltip of Summon Pure Energy Elemental
- Changed war3mapPreview for Gold version
- Granted shared vision of Gargantuan Lobsters to prevent them disappearing during inclement weather
- Fixed pausing/unpausing of Vvayl the Gnoll Warden during the Tomb of Anak'hul quest
- Fixed double-prepping of Deal or No Deal causing cinematic clash that locks followers away
- Fixed Erika's Diamond conversation to stop it firing during the finale
- Fixed Fire Stone repeating Rune Blade quest update every time it is given to a different unit
- Fixed Chloƫ's selling of Greater potions in the final battle
- Replaced some lingering direct references to Henrik unit with HENRIK variable to enable swapping of hero unit
- Added failsafe Henrik with standard ability set in 1.28 and above to avoid modern bugs with Engineering Upgrade-based ability selection
- Fixed main temple theme not playing during/after cinematics
- Fixed and issue with the clearing the cave cinematic where skipping at the wrong moment would leave the camera shaking forever
- Widened the entrance to the Ancient Hydra den in the lower jungle
- Removed decoy obelisks from mountain temple; made real obelisks selectable; moved obelisks to the north edges so camera rotation is not required
- Added Reincarnation to Seagoats so they cannot be eradicated
- Set Henrik's life and mana to 100% on starting The Tomb of Anak'Hul
- Added a couple of extra achievements to the stats crawl
- Save game cache flags for various achievements at the end of the stats crawl
- Replaced generic "note added" messages with actual note content
- Split Beach Scholar notes apart so that the call to read his book is given when his book is actually available
- Changed the races of a number of units from Critter to Commoner to prevent them from being explodable with repeated clicking

8 thoughts on “Blog 795: This Wreckage Gold”

  1. Hey, I’m playing this map at the moment, and im stuck at the fight with “Five”. He knockback me into the wall (firstly), then after 10/20 sec. i teleported into the spot where the vendor is (female one (jaina model)). Now i cannot progress… is there a Anti-Stuck command?


  2. I gave the 14 mushrooms to the agent but nothing happen. Also the guitar of the bard, I gave it to him, nothing happen neither. I play on 1.31 though.


    1. Version 1.31 has never been tested so is not guaranteed to work. You’ll need to downgrade to 1.26 for the authentic experience or upgrade to 1.32, both of which have been confirmed to work correctly.


  3. I found a problem in the Supply and Demand quest. I tried to give the supply crate to Balthasar by putting the items into his inventory, but there’s no response whatsoever from Balthasar. There’s also another similar problem with A Book on Energy quest. I played on version 1.31.


    1. That’s unfortunate. However, I do not have an install of 1.31 to verify this on, so I can only suggest you either downgrade to 1.26 for the authentic experience or upgrade to 1.32 where I made sure both of these quests operate as expected.


  4. What bout 1.31.1, last not-Reforged version of WC3?
    Does it have those issues described under “1.27 and later”?
    Jayborino should learn about this version (and the best way to play it) ASAP!


    1. Issues like the backpack wigging out should be sorted on all versions. I have only tested it on 1.26 and 1.32, but I’m hoping everything in between should be fine as I have addressed a number of issues that were reported “along the way”. Your mileage may vary.


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