Aside 65: Re4ged

So, did you hear that Warcraft III is getting a big fancy-pants HD remaster? No, I’m not remastering my maps, but I do want them to remain functional. Maybe I also kinda want to make something new, or finish off something old? Either way, there are some fixes that need to be done to things that did make it out into the sunshine.

I’ve been told that in recent patches, Henrik’s backpack attachment (of all things) has started wigging out. Luckily, I still remember my MDL mad skillz and took a look — turns out, the model is utterly broken and really should never have worked in the old world, let alone the new one (all its vertices were assigned to a group that didn’t exist — top marks if you know what those words mean!). A simple fix, but one that will require me to replay the entirety of both WtFSA and This Wreckage to make sure there aren’t any other bad models that have slipped through the cracks. (And yes, I’ll literally have to buy and wear every single item at least once to confirm any issues. Guess I’ll be heading for grindy-town!)

In the mean time, Jayborino had some fun playing When the Freedom Slips Away and highlighted… a couple of things I might… make slightly less obtuse… in any patch release… If you can’t be bothered playing, why not watch him do it instead?

(Not gonna lie, these videos have given this site the biggest spike in activity for a long time! Thanks, dawg!)

2 thoughts on “Aside 65: Re4ged”

  1. said remaster is now 0.9 on metacritic…you might need to wait a few months for the remastered editor to even be usable


    1. Hehehe, yes, I’ve been watching with great interest. At the moment, my plan is to continue working in the 1.26 WE (I don’t ever log on to anyway) and then make sure the result keeps working in Re4ged. From what I’ve heard so far, the backpack mesh is the only real issue so I’m optimistic that I won’t need to do much. But, well, yes, if Re4ged is as bad as people say, I guess NOBODY’s going to be playing custom singleplayer maps anyway! Huzzah!


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