Aside 64: What Wreckage?

It has come to my attention that This Wreckage might be having some problems under the new 1.29 patch for Warcraft III — namely, that it becomes utterly unplayable due to some odd hostile behaviour (likely stemming from the 12 new player slots shuffling my alliance settings).

Unfortunately I’m having more than a little trouble patching the game to have a proper look; and when I did for five minutes get it running, the game was grinding along at 30fps (when 1.26 stayed strong at the maximum of 64fps). Something is rotten at the heart of WC3, alas.

So for now I’m going to have to hang fire a bit on fixes until things settle down again. Rest assured — when the game is stable again I will be making the necessary upgrades! But in the mean time, if This Wreckage is giving you trouble, you might need to downgrade to a fresh install then grab patch 1.26 (official-but-hidden Blizzard FTP link)…

3 thoughts on “Aside 64: What Wreckage?”

  1. Just found your blog via your excellent Item Stacking tutorial at Hive Workshop. Love it! I like seeing the progression of the WC3 modders to game devs, it’s always inspiring. Keep up the great work! =)


    1. Wow, good to see the classics are still drawing in the crowds. I wrote that… before I was much of a programmer… and it’s probably full of very bad advice by today’s standards. Ah well, it’s all part of the fun. Even back in the day I always wanted to make a real game, it just so happened that as WC3 was winding down the stand-alone game tech was firing right up…

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