Blog 720: Close, But No Biscuit — Star Wars — Part 10

And so we come to the original trilogy, the sequence that so very much got the biscuit. The truth is that early exposure to Star Wars defined everything I’ve ever wanted from sci-fi and fantasy in the days hence, and that’s why the lacklustre prequel trilogy and the travesty of The Force Awakens both hurt so much — because the things they tried to build on were fucking brilliant.

Yes, the original trilogy got enough biscuits for everyone, even in those brief moments when it really shouldn’t have. Star Wars is awsome, and though you can try to convince me otherwise by appending crud over the top of it, you’ll never take away the parts that are truly beautiful. (And let’s face it, as a Star Wars fan I’ve spent all my life selectively ignoring parts of the Expanded Universe and elevating others — I wonder if any two people alive have a consistent personal Star Wars headcanon?)

2 thoughts on “Blog 720: Close, But No Biscuit — Star Wars — Part 10”

  1. Some good points about design and the visuals – as Lucas said, they’re basically silent movies. I think the best example of this is the opening shot of the Star Destroyer chasing Leia’s ship: it shows the mismatch in power and status between them, and establishes the size of the threat the baddies pose.

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    1. They may be basically silent movies, but you have to admit — the sound effects multiply the power of every scene a thousandfold. That’s why I think it’s ultimately because of the combination of all parts that it reaches such heights, each part alone would be “good” but Star Wars is a perfect storm of story, lore, sound and visuals.

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