Aside 59: The Shape and the Power of the Voice

So I finally bought myself a proper microphone, a half-decent mid-range one with a good balance of affordability, versatility, n00b-friendliness and recording quality. This is most likely an investment in being able to do high-quality announcer voices for my game, but according to the manual it’s good for pretty much anything — voices, musical instruments, sound effects and more — so who knows where it’ll end up?

I gave it a test run with a bit of a demo reel, where I said many silly things in silly voices:

I reckon, however, for my upcoming exposé about Nox, I’m going to give it a real stress run. Rather than doing a straight blog, I’m thinking I’ll do me talking over videos of me playing the game, so you can get a better feel for it than you can from silly captioned pictures. You can tell me this is a terrible idea right now and I’ll fall back to the written version, or we can see how it goes…

And you tell me...

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