Blog 663: Darksiders

Well, it is crimbo after all; it just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t get some games to play. I’ve been in the mood for some meaty third-person action-RPG… action… for a while now, narrowly staving off another replay of Venetica with my annual festiveĀ UT2004 campaign.

I had heard over previous years that Darksiders was supposed to be quite good, and while perusing potential gift ideas I spotted a double pack containing it, its sequel and all their DLC packs — so I made the call to Santa and he dutifully obliged. (Clearly I have been a good boy this year.)

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Blog 662: Welcome… to the Arena

Every day my game inches closer to functionality, but every day I realise anew the vast gulf between my dreams and my abilities.

The plan is to have built a fully armed and operational player-versus-bots deathmatch arena by the end of my festive holiday. Is it possible? This is, after all, the season where dreams come true.

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Blog 661: Sonic Heroes

I mentioned during my words about Sonic Adventure DX that Tails’ story was basically a redundant clone of Sonic’s because, well, they spend 99% of their time together. Cue Sonic Heroes some years later, where trios of our plucky protagonists are indeed forged into functional teams in a party-based interpretation of the Sonic canon.

Needless to say, I’ve never written about Sonic Heroes in more than passing either. Shall we?

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Blog 660: Loki

When I played Loki the first time around, I didn’t particularly enjoy it. However, I was in the mood for something fairly brainless, and why buy a new action-RPG when you can give an older one a second chance?

I mean, I am making an action-RPG myself — and that is mostly because nobody else’s action-RPG has ever hit the spot for me (at least since Nox). So I decided to take a closer look at why this one didn’t hit the spot either…

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