Blog 659: Sonic Adventure DX

I’ve ragged on Sonic Adventure DX so often while discussing other things that you’re probably sick and tired of hearing about it, but it seems like I’ve never actually dedicated the time to examine the game on its own.

I got the urge to replay it recently, and after installing a few hacks to get the XBone controller working I was able to begin. Time to give SADX its chance in the spotlight.

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Blog 658: Too Bot To Handle

I’ve actually flirted with game-playing artificial intelligence a few times in my life. The most notable attempt has to be the chatterbots behind my Warcraft III map The Arena, who roved around the land, picked up items, bought new equipment, ran home when hurt and, yes, taunted and responded to textual prompts rather more than people liked.

Alas, No Excuses will require bots with slightly more finesse, because they are not to be infinitely respawning players in an enclosed arena. They need to hold down consistent jobs, but get distracted sometimes and then go back to work. They need to make sure they’re not trying to shoot through their allies, but also try to avoid taking hits.

That is a heady cocktail.

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Blog 657: Legacy of the Blog

When I went into Game, they didn’t have any copies of Legacy of the Void on display. It seems like everyone was so caught up in Fallout 4 and its midnight launch parties that poor old SC2 got lost in the noise. When the assistant had to go and rummage in the back room for five minutes, I did wonder if I’d have to go home and — horror of horrors — purchase a digital only copy.

Luckily they did have physical boxes, not that it made a difference since I had to download the game anyway. One day, I swear Blizzard will fix their stupid installer… But until then, it’s PROTOSS TIME!

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Blog 656: Terrain Up the Night (Part 3)

Voxel terrain doesn’t work if it’s just blank boxes. (Actually that’s a complete lie — there are plenty of examples of beautiful games made using only flat colours and shading.) So how does a lone wolf amateur get terrain that doesn’t look like, to coin a phrase, programmer art? I’ve talked about texturing before but it’s taken a while to settle on an approach and get something more than experiments out of it.

It probably still looks like programmer art, but I take comfort in my delusions.

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