Aside 57: Mind Expanding

I’ve been working on the ammunition system for my game recently. You know, weapon ammo consumption and reloading and different ammo types and whatnot. I started with one approach but have had to change direction, because the initial idea didn’t pan out — but in the switch, I want to preserve many of the outward aspects of it, just not the underlying implementations and attendant badness — and I start to worry that I’ve got to hold so many moving parts in my mind to keep it balancing oh-so-precariously in the realm of the specification, and I start to worry that it’s beyond me, that my brain doesn’t have enough capacity to contain all of this at once, that I just can’t do it and I’m getting old because couldn’t I do this before?

Then I realise that, actually, no, I couldn’t do this before — I have literally never done anything in my life that is so complex as building an entire fucking computer game by myself. Even at their worst, Warcraft III maps didn’t have shit on… all of this.

Have I bitten off more than I can chew?

… Well, I’m not dead yet.

2 thoughts on “Aside 57: Mind Expanding”

  1. You haven’t bitten off more than you can chew. It’s all part of the learning process, and honestly you seem to be doing quite well.

    What might help with the moving parts is to have some documents, or at least some notes somewhere that say what everything is supposed to be. If you ever get confused or think some parts contradict each other, you can take a look at them.


    1. I have a massively scrawly notepad on my desk in front of me where I occasionally write things down, does that count? … it’s not helping so presumably not. 😀


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