Blog 626: Forged Alliance

I was reminded of Supreme Commander by Divinity: Dragon Commander‘s similar emphasis on giant robots and embracing of strategic zoom, and then I realised that I had never actually blogged about SupCom before.

Since I recently bought A Flock of Seagulls‘ self-titled debut album, and I got their greatest hits years ago for crimbo along with SupCom expandalone Forged Alliance, now seemed as good a time as any to skip the main game and go straight to the aliens.

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Aside 53: Internets


I was going to play Wolfenstein: The New Order during January, but it requires a 10GB patch. Coincidentally, that is my entire month’s internet allowance. I discovered this after having used the internet at all this month.

So I decided to try Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor instead, which only (“only”) required a 3.9GB patch. This exhausted half my limit and put me down to emergency rations, sure, but I can cope… Except then I tried it and it was unplayable due to a cripplingly narrow field of view, so I’m down to emergency usage with nothing new to play…

(I’ll find a FoV hack sooner or later, there were other reasons that I bounced right off it too.)

Hence I needed to take a break with something completely and utterly offline, which is luckily a good chunk of my collection. Pretty much everything newer than about 5 years old is Steam-infested and so unplayable without enforced updates, so it’s a good thing I’ve got plenty of older games with patch executables neatly stacked away on an external hard drive…

Blog 625: Brrrrrrr

For reasons that have long since been forgotten, Let It Go is something of a running joke in our team at work. Somewhere along the way, I let slip that I hadn’t actually seen Frozen — since I wasn’t interested in going to the cinema at the time, and it hasn’t been on terrestrial TV yet. (Disney sing-along animations aren’t high on my list of preferred films, it’s true. Give me a Disney sword-and-planet swashbuckler or medieval fantasy any day.)

Somehow this joke turned into the team giving me the DVD… as a joke. Obviously I can’t let a joke slide without losing face (to quote Kilbirnie, “I base my existence on how much face I have”), so I had to watch it… and do a review blog.

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Blog 624: Dragon Commander

Ah yes, now we’re bringing out the big guns. I fell in love with Divinity II a couple years ago now; all the wit and charm of the earlier Divinity titles packed into a properly sumptuous 3D hack ‘n’ slash RPG adventure.

It was, then, with some disappointment that I realised Dragon Commander was to be too demanding for poor old Daedalus. That old “minimum 4GB RAM” chestnut again.

Now, though… My body is ready.

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Blog 622: RAGE

You know, Daedalus could actually have run Rage… though probably in the same way that my computer before that “could run” Supreme Commander and Unreal Tournament 3 (to clarify: a combination of those two games (and a very hot processor and terrible internal layout) melted its graphics card).

Anyway, I added it to my crimbo list because I’m always in the mood for a solid, brown, narrative-driven shooter. What could possibly go wrong?

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