Blog 620: Visions in Blue

So last time I talked about bot navigation, which is all very well and good, but bots are nothing until they shoot back. Before they can start shooting, however, they have to be able to see their targets.

But they are bots. They don’t have eyes. How can they see anything?

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Blog 619: Paths and Angles

It’s usually the most productive time of the year, but hands up guv’nor, I’ve been a naughty boy. I spent a good deal of December replaying The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings; that was going to be last week’s blog, but I actually hated the game so much that I didn’t want to wallow in all that negative emotion. I’ve got a negative attitude as it is, no point indulging it, especially in this season of goodwill.

I would also usually have a slightly longer festive break in which to play and develop, but I spent all my days off earlier in the year going to Canada in March (proper snow, almostĀ too proper) and an OMD concert in the Museum of Liverpool at the start of November (can’t wait for the DVD release, I was jumping up and down all night so should be easily spottable).

But you’re not here for that chit-chat. No, you’re here for the story of bot AI in my game.

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Blog 618: Post-Mortem Blues Y4

I think it is perhaps poetic justice that, on replaying all my own maps years after closing the lid on each one, I experienced all the very prominent bugs other people had discovered since that I had never managed to reproduce.

Maybe I could sit on a few of them, like the one where Fallen Stones V chases you down and ruins the gauntlet sequence of This Wreckage, because that doesn’t actually break the game.

Others, like Project Y4‘s infamous bomb drop crash bug that stops people barely ten minutes into the game, definitely needed some care and attention.

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Blog 617: Post Mortem: Project Y4

Considering I’m now making a real game for real, maybe now is a good time to go back to my roots and examine what went right… and what went wrong… with my previous development efforts: my Warcraft III maps.

Today: my swansong, RDZ Industries: Project Y4

Wow, I managed to do this one without spoilers, too. Check me out.

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