Blog 616: Darkstone

Having given Helios a decent work-out with Crysis, what could I do next but pick up an ancient 3D hack ‘n’ slash from that it could probably run while switched off?

Hey — my game is going to be a hack ‘n’ slash, it’s totally research.

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Blog 615: Post Mortem: This Wreckage

Considering I’m now making a real game for real, maybe now is a good time to go back to my roots and examine what went right… and what went wrong… with my previous development efforts: my Warcraft III maps.

Today: the big one, This Wreckage

You know, I actually managed to do this one without any spoilers. Maybe there are a couple in the screenshots.

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Blog 614: Maximum Crysis

It’s a vain, out-dated ambition, I know. When they first built Crysis, it was inconceivable that technology would ever be able to run it on maximum settings. I played it on a mix of Low and Medium settings on Daedalus, and it was still a bit choppy — the final boss in particular dropped to an almost unplayable frame rate, but the rest was Good Enough.

So here we are with new computer on the block Helios. What does he make of this monumental tech demo?

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