Aside 52: A Rose As Called By Any Other Name…

A few people have recently asked me where the name “Rao Dao Zao” came from. It’s a pretty crap story, to be honest, but it turned out all right — the search engine rankings for Rao Dao Zao are pretty awesome, and, well, it does look and sound quite cool (assuming you pronounce it correctly, which most people don’t).

So, to shatter my air of mystery, the story goes thus:

My real name is Robbie. When I first played Baldur’s Gate, I couldn’t name my character “Robbie” because that is not Fantasy enough, so I shortened it to “Robe”. Some time later, I got the Lego Rock Raiders game — where a narrator says the name of a set, “The Loader Dozer”, in a particular accent. I injected Robe to this for some reason and got “The Rober Dozer”. Slur hard enough while saying “Rober Dozer” and you get “Rao Dao Zao”.


2 thoughts on “Aside 52: A Rose As Called By Any Other Name…”

  1. At least your username back-story is better than mine, haha.

    My friend and I decided to roll some dwarfs in World of Warcraft and use joke names. So I smashed the words gin and beer together, but I didn’t want to run around as ginbeer, so I switched out the words with something that sounds the same but different spelling. That’s how I came up with the joke name, Jinbir, and eventually over time the name grew on me so I decided to use it as my main username.


    1. Well, it’s a better story than “I like [some object] but it was taken so I added [number]”. Maybe the most terrible thing is that a nickname chosen while… young… ends up lasting a lifetime. We might have lucked out, but so many didn’t…


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