Aside 50: Out of Touch

I need to come to terms with my growing irrelevance.

Everyone else is obsessed with smartphones while I just don’t care. I love to play singleplayer games while the world wants 4-player co-op. I want a DVD with a printed manual in a box when the masses want digital downloads and always-online storefronts. I want a desk with a keyboard shelf.

Do you know how bloody hard it was to find a desk with a keyboard shelf, let alone one big enough for an adult? You don’t, market forces say, even have a keyboard anymore. You’ve got a laptop, at best. Even then, you don’t really want a desk, you want a feature piece for the corner of your living room that needs to look pretty rather than actually get used.

I don’t think this universe has a place for me anymore.

3 thoughts on “Aside 50: Out of Touch”

  1. Dude that’s just how I feel . I own a desktop , the only games I really play are ones form 2007 backward all of them have manuals . I don’t want to play the newest COD , I want to play the golden oldies like Fallout 3 , Zero Hour , Civilization 4 not 5 . I play the original Dota not the 2 . The only modern gaming thing I do is mod which is for all the old games , to give them a new lick of paint.


    1. I wouldn’t say that I necessarily *want* to play old games, just that new ones aren’t particularly getting made that fit my desires. The closest I can get these days are the likes of Larian and CDProjekt Red, but even Larian are going Steam-first with a “get the DRM-free version from GoG” as an afterthought when before it was all DRM-free discs to the max… (Not that I have a computer that can run these recent offerings, but you know what I mean.)


      1. I understand what I meant is that I prefer these games as they where before the time of online universe they didn’t construct games for online play but mainly for offline play . These have a different feel to them the game is more focused to the player rather than the group of players it creates which has it’s own benefits and which is not seen as often any more .

        With newer graphics games have become almost too immersive for me , too realistic . I prefer it when graphics weren’t that great you could see what they meant and imagined the rest for your self .They seem to make it too easy for gamers to not imagine and dream of a different world but rather you live in it. When I play a game it is for entertainment to forget my problems in the real world not to live a double life , to split what little time I have in this world amongst two and add more issues to my life .

        What I want from a game is to experience a immersive world but not to forget the one I live in , to live a book or movie and go on the adventure that I never will because they are a bit lethal and that’s fine since it not too real .I find that the pre 2007 games do this better than the modern ones . Modern games are about the interaction with other people , action and almost addiction . They don’t create the stories , the dreams of what could have happened and that’s fine but I miss them


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