Aside 49: Feature Creep

As I progress with No Excuses, I realise that I’m pretty much implementing a top-down singleplayer Unreal Tournament. I’m actually okay with this, but I do wonder how much of a contortionist you’ll have to be to press all these buttons at the same time when I add the four five active abilities on top of these extra movement keys.

I finally added strafing the other week (after fixing the last of the animation bugs). Strafing was never in the original brief — Nox didn’t have strafing and that’s my baseline for combat and navigation. Nox also did not have dodge-jumping, which I intend to add soon enough to round out the strafing ability. I am probably going to throw on backpedalling for good measure too.

Gosh, programming AI behaviour around this is going to be a riot…

2 thoughts on “Aside 49: Feature Creep”

  1. ” I realise that I’m pretty much implementing a top-down singleplayer Unreal Tournament ” I kind of doubt it, which Unreal Game ? Unreal 2 + 1 fairly slow paced and lots of exploration or the Unreal Tournament series with is hectically fast paced .
    Please explain the similarities of you game and unreal as I don’t see any . ( sorry for nitpicking )


    1. I said “Unreal Tournament” quite deliberately. There will be exploration (don’t underestimate the search for secret power-ups and the Redeemer) AND hectic fast-paced combat. It’s going to be a total riot.

      I guess the crystal-shooting shard-rifle and the bio-waste rifle and the multi-kill-o-meter and all that in Project Y4 passed you by then? There are more conceptual and mechanical and attitudinal similarities too that may not be apparent just yet (including, but not limited to, the aforementioned upcoming dodge-jump feature).


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