Aside 47: I Pity the Fool

Yes, yes, I think you all realised that I am not, in fact, making a cooperative multiplayer action game with social media integration.

The actual plans for my game will be revealed in due course. I think it will come as no surprise to reveal now, though, that they are 100% single-player always-offline.

But was this joke better or worse than Emo Henrik?

6 thoughts on “Aside 47: I Pity the Fool”

  1. I’m with you and SeedinAethyr, last year was wonderful with the screenshots, that was a truly commendable effort šŸ™‚ This year maintained the excellent satirical tone but did not have the added materials needed to get from 8/10 to 10/10 šŸ™‚


  2. Last year’s had a lot more effort into making it seem real. I really believed it that year until I read the comments.
    This year I was actually ready (not only ready, waiting) for it. Problem was, it didn’t turn out very convincingly at all. I remember reading your Starcraft II post about how you hated how it was always online, and when you stated “always online” I was convinced it wasn’t real. (I was actually convinced it wasn’t real by re-checking the date after reading the first sentence, but the piece of text in your post that convinced me was the always online part.)


    1. I’ve always been known to follow the money, and the money is always-online… Oh well. I got a few people that don’t pay quite so much attention to my blog. ;D


  3. Hmm… better then Emo Henrik. (This time I was smart.)

    Nay, just kidding. It was worse because you said it’d be permanent online. (Cue dramatic shudder.)


    1. I did put a bit more effort into props for Emo Henrik, though. I was going to do some mock-ups of Facebook posts wailing for likes and shares, but then I left it a bit too late. :$


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