Aside 46: The Mer, The Myth

It’s always funny when the Stormcloaks don’t run away to the hills when they see me. By now, I am practically a god. I have a bedside cabinet full of legendary Daedric artefacts. Why are they in my bedside cabinet? Because I forged better stuff myself.

Maybe Oblivion got it right with level-scaling after all. It’s not so much that the bandits have all suddenly got glass armour, but rather, only the bandits bad-ass enough to acquire glass armour for themselves have the balls to take you on.

“You’re wasted on general infantry,” General Tullius told me. Erm, I can single-handedly wipe out entire legions of the enemy, are you sure you want to put me on small espionage missions…? I could just, y’know, singlehandedly win this war the old-fashioned way.

And you tell me...

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