Aside 44: Inadequacy

I keep reading all these articles about people making games that… I dunno. They’re experimental and challenge perceptions and make points about society and whatnot. Blending art and interaction, pushing boundaries, doing something.

I pretend or aspire to be pretentious, but in reality I’ve got nothing. I read all these rave reviews and I feel so horrendously inadequate that all I want to do with my games is make worlds, tell stories and blow things up.

7 thoughts on “Aside 44: Inadequacy”

  1. Great art comes from the heart not the head. There’s always been an “Art-erati” who think talking in large words and pushing societal norms will make their work important and meaningful. Don’t fall for it, just start small, follow your passion on the first pass, iterate with intelligence and worry about the boundaries and BS later.


  2. Don’t worry about it. You’re unique in your non-originalness, I.e. your posts/maps/games/everything else are all delightfully interesting and enjoyable. πŸ™‚


    1. They talk about media consumption making people have low self-esteem because their bodies aren’t perfect… I wonder if it’s the same for artists? I’m totally not anxious about my body, but my work, on the other hand…


      1. Hue hue. Hopefully it’ll all turn out okay and I won’t be discarded as some Michael Bay-a-like. (Then again, he’s laughing all the way to the bank.)


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