Aside 46: The Mer, The Myth


It’s always funny when the Stormcloaks don’t run away to the hills when they see me. By now, I am practically a god. I have a bedside cabinet full of legendary Daedric artefacts. Why are they in my bedside cabinet? Because I forged better stuff myself.

Maybe Oblivion got it right with level-scaling after all. It’s not so much that the bandits have all suddenly got glass armour, but rather, only the bandits bad-ass enough to acquire glass armour for themselves have the balls to take you on.

“You’re wasted on general infantry,” General Tullius told me. Erm, I can single-handedly wipe out entire legions of the enemy, are you sure you want to put me on small espionage missions…? I could just, y’know, singlehandedly win this war the old-fashioned way.

Aside 45: Fear of Lore


You know what keeps striking me about Skyrim? It seems almost scared of its own lore.

That armour might be Dwarven, but those bowls are Dwemer. See those Falmer? They’re sub-human creatures of the dark so they’re allowed a funny name, but the civilised Dunmer of the overworld are consistently referred to as Dark Elves instead.

Morrowind was at its most compelling when it embraced that alternative world. I understand the more traditional terms like “elf” and “dwarf” are hangovers from Arena, before they invented all the cool stuff, but I’d be a-okay with any retcon to completely drop those bits.

Stop trying to become just-another-Tolkienesque-fantasy, Elder Scrolls series. I know you can do it! (Then again, is this leaning towards tradition why Skyrim sold a bajillion copies?)

Blog 585: The Elder Blogs: Perks of Skyrim

Since I am working on a sci-fi right now, it is only fitting that, in my off times, I immerse myself in the fantasies of others. So the lore doesn’t get too grungy, right? While I’m finally re-reading The Wheel of Time before going to bed (at the current consumption rate, I will be reading the series for approximately two years), I decided I needed a break from the hard graft of game development during the day with a bit of Elder Scrolls action.

I’ve only played Skyrim once before, but I haven’t bought any DLC or added any mods. I just kind of… felt like giving it another go. This triggered a train of thought about “perks”.

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Aside 44: Inadequacy


I keep reading all these articles about people making games that… I dunno. They’re experimental and challenge perceptions and make points about society and whatnot. Blending art and interaction, pushing boundaries, doing something.

I pretend or aspire to be pretentious, but in reality I’ve got nothing. I read all these rave reviews and I feel so horrendously inadequate that all I want to do with my games is make worlds, tell stories and blow things up.