Blog 583: Dreams of Modularity

The major draw of a modular design is that you can swap things in and out to suit your needs; that’s why every RDZ Industries mech is built from a solid chassis with interchangeable bits. It’s one of the reasons I chose Unity — units, characters, can be very easily constructed from independent bits.

Recently, I was sketching some odd cabin designs that I couldn’t use, and I got to thinking… What if the company published their module connector specifications? What if third parties could make alternative cabins and guns?

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Blog 582: Excerpts From a Life of Naive Implementations

There is a goal I have, regarding this game project. I want to get to the point that I was with Warcraft III nine or ten years ago: everything is in place, and I just ride off into the sunset making and never finishing levels. I want my development kit to be such that I can just play around with scenarios, throwing them together so quickly it doesn’t matter if they don’t pan out. I have hundreds of these nascent Warcraft maps stacked away.

That goal is a long way away. Before I can even truly begin writing the engine, I have to get the tools in order.

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Aside 43: The Champion


t’s good to see that, more than four years after its initial release, This Wreckage still brings home the bacon: SubZero just spent 23 hours abusing the scoring system to rack up over a million points.

The previous Champion, redfury, had more than five-hundred thousand and I thought that was about as far as anyone could ever stretch it, but it seems the universe remains full of surprises (and people that are singularly, beautifully daft).

Check the Scoreboard to see the breakdown (hint: it’s all in the Beyond Monster Kills).

Ahhh, whoever said singleplayer RPGs can’t be competitive?

Blog 580: Continuing Through the Borderlands 2

These days, the final boss is never the end of the line. If it’s not a hilariously blatant multi-sequel hook, it’s a post-game side quest that can only be completed in co-op with four level 50 characters. (I’ll never be able to finish that, you bastards.)

And then there are four chunky DLC mission packs to get through. As if 35-odd hours of grinding the main game wasn’t enough…

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