Aside 40: Rebrand

I have decided to expand this blog’s title to Excerpts from the Life of Rao Dao Zao.

Now I’m hoping to be a professional and all, I need to divorce RDZ the larger-than-life personality from RDZ Industries the fictional-corporation-that-totally-isn’t-a-self-insert-anyway (how can a company be a self-insert? Watch and learn). I went a way towards this with the Project Y4 backstory, what with the company originally being called “RD&Z Industrial” after its three founding members (rather than it being an echo of an ARG from when I started modelling), so this is me just smoothing off the edges in the other direction. Not that anyone will be fooled.

Besides, all my SEO is for Rao Dao Zao. It’s much more distinctive.

And you tell me...

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