Aside 38: More Words Than You Can Possibly Imagine

On day 11 I smashed the 20,000 word mark. I was at 20,001 when bath time called.

The rate of production has been as wonky as ever. I keep writing myself into holes and then falling behind for a day, before sweeping forward again to overtake the target. All sawtooth like.

I blow a whole chunk of the mystery in Chapter 4. Now, that’s about 15000 words in, but “chapter 4” still sounds like a bit too soon for the level of reveal that’s going on; then again, it sort of powers the other half of the novel. I’m only at Chapter 5 at the moment, so maybe my chapters are just far too dense. Not exactly following a conventional three-act structure either, so I’ll no doubt fall foul of that sooner or later.

On track for 50k? Not sure, really. I can still see it bottoming out at 40k. Maybe some alpha testers will help further down the line…

And you tell me...

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