Aside 37: NaNoWriMOAR

More than 10,000 words in five days, eh? I never knew I had it in me. (Actually I suspected, but nevermind.)

I got off to a flying start on the 1st and 2nd, seeing as the opening of This Desert Place is the most well-trodden part of it — I just had to turn an already defined plot into words, and, horror of horrors, find names for two characters. (“The Sage” and “The Scholar” weren’t even tenable in the original WC3 map, but you know what I’m like. Still haven’t named “The Commander” in This Wreckage either.)

I flagged on the 3rd and 4th as I tripped over and fell into an unplanned divergence. Or rather, not an unplanned divergence, but a divergence into which I had not previously poured sufficient thought. Originally a cheap side quest, its events needed a bit more… meat. I will no doubt need to go back and smooth the edges around that towards the end, but it shall do for now.

Still busting the average, it thinks I should hit the 50k target by the 25th. Exciting stuff!

And you tell me...

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