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Blog 569: The Final Push of Y4

The big reason I released Project Y4 R01 when I did was because I wanted it to exist in some finished form. I knew that the day would come that I would reach the end of the motivational line, and that day might come before I had implemented all that I once dreamt of implementing.

R02 has been dragging its heels for too long. It’s time to admit defeat and close the door.

Project Y4 R02

What’s left to do?

Well, so much more than I have the strength to implement. With the advent of Unity, Warcraft III modding has finally been ousted as the primary objective, its facade finally worn down beyond recognition, pitted and cracked. I can’t leave something like this hanging, though, so I’m going to finish off the tweaks and twiddles of R02 and call it a day.

That means neither of those two bonus missions that would explain the mythos a bit more. Remember — Project Y4 is only a prologue to the RDZ Industries universe, and I had a grand reveal planned for Operation: Skyward Fire that would blast the gates wide open for the epic space opera that lurks under the surface. Unfortunately, the story of how the vault came to be buried on Eris, and why EY43 is a critical defensive platform, will have to remain a mystery for now.

Marseille's RicochetThe changelog is actually huge, though not exactly huge enough to justify over a year in development hell. I’ve been playing a lot more games recently instead of modding and, well, that’s just a symptom of the rot isn’t it?

I wanted R02 to add flesh to the bones of R01, but I’m not even sure if I’ve accomplished that. A couple extra enemies and dungeons, barely two new side quests… Have I really become so dulled that I can’t pull in more than that? Is the sci-fi of the setting still just a bit too “hard”, or is the haywire facility just not a very fertile scenario in the first place?

Questions that will be answered by the stand-alone, we can only hope.

Undocumented FeaturesWhat is this, then? A lament? When I started Project Y4 almost three years ago now, I called it a swansong for WC3 modding. That true finale, then, has finally arrived — I don’t think WC3 holds anything more for me but memories. It’s been a big part of my life for more than ten years, so not all of those memories are exactly happy ones. Moving on is probably for the best.

I’ve seen plenty of singleplayer RPG projects floating around recently, so I’ll probably stick around to have a gander if any of them ever get finished. But my days of contributing to the pool are long behind me.

So, all things being fairly bug-free, Y4 R02 will be out shortly, but with only what I have already built into it. Just need to make sure I’ve switched off all the debug messages…

No Surrender

19 thoughts on “Blog 569: The Final Push of Y4”

  1. Just finished me newest play through , these are some bugs i found

    – Mausoleum keypad — blank screen on unsuccessfully entering the code .
    – The mausoleum one my first go only had one fusion reactor instead of 2 ( not a big problem as I just exited and reentered it and it was fixed.)
    -After I finished the game I redid the tutorial (as there was no new game option ) , I killed my self and two wrecks appeared and I responed at the save point just before the final boss but only with my artillery working and I could go to the arena and see the explosion and I still kept all of my lives. In the objectives tab I had eliminate G1 intruders
    -I found the command center in the rocks and you can kill it.
    -you can kill the smelter .

    Other things (not bugs)
    -where did the bomb go you can’t buy them any more ?( undercarriage mod )
    -there are 2 keypads which I couldn’t find the keys to , the one near the smelter and the one in the final bunker.
    -What effects does the mind razor have?
    -The crane game’s enemies kill the civilian and still re spawn when you have regained control of the factory.
    -After you regain control of the facility masses of Alphas spawn at the gate I had at least 25.

    I enjoyed playing this as much as I did the first time around some great improvements ,harder too and is still my favorite Warcraft 3 map .I enjoyed it alot just wish there was some music .there were some small bugs but no of which prevented me from having a good time .

    Thx for adding in the turret love them 😛


    1. – Weird, it’s the same keypad system as everywhere else in the world.
      – The perils of procedural generation… I had a few weird layouts in my test runs but never fell back to one reactor.
      – Hmm, I must not set the respawn point properly… or I don’t disable the final boss death triggers.
      – Whoops.
      – Whoops.

      – Should still be purchasable from the central Admin area repair station? As U-1 noted, though, they are currently broken.
      – The final bunker doesn’t have a code, it’s Just for funzies. The one near the Smelter can be found in a secret computer in the Waste bunker.
      – The MindClaws have high damage, cause damage over time, and have a chance to make the enemy explode horribly on death. They’re pretty imba, but that’s why they’re behind a stonker of a challenge.
      – Hehehe, I never thought of that. How embarrassing.
      – Masses of RDZ Industries units are meant to spawn and patrol the facility, the spawner probably ran away with itself. I’ll check it out.

      Your favourite map but only 9.5? 😦 If I promise to fix this buygs, will you go to ModDB and give me a 10? 🙂


      1. Two more bugs
        -the mission ‘undocumented designs’ when ever I try to hack a terminal Warcraft 3 bombs out .
        -After you let the G1 commander go free , his units and him stay on the map , they head to the entrance but can’t leave.

        It’s a deal ,I’ll give you 10 if you fix some of the bugs and i’ll rant a bit .



      2. – Crash on the subnet hacks? Aaargh. The original maze generation was corrupting saved games, but I’ve never had a crash on entry.
        – This seems to happen quite a lot. I think WC3’s pathfinding gets them clogged up, so a little bit of rearrangement of trigger regions should sort it.



  2. wait… before quitting, just fix these first…
    -the blade barrier generator damages neutral and ally units… making it inefficient in guiding civilians and near-barrel combats.
    -the bomb. i remember it last time dropping invulnerable bombs… now it does not drop bombs anymore!
    -the computer keypad in mausoleum leaves black screen upon exiting.

    -items with skill restores cooldown when dropped and equipped again… dont fix that! they deserve it.

    and lastly…
    can you make an undercarriage module “barrel factory”? if you did, it would be really helpful!


    1. Eurgh, there’s always something.

      – Blade Barrier’s hurt-everythign behaviour is intentional. I was considering making it not hurt everything for Easy Mode, but, well, you know…
      – I’m sure I fixed whatever was making the Bomb not work. Apparently not. (I am this close to just removing the damn thing.)
      – Mausoleum keypad — blank screen on successfully entering the code or backing out of it? I’ve never seen this.
      – Cooldown stuff: wasn’t going to, not even sure if it’s possible to fix anyway!
      – That’d be a new feature, not going there. (Would have been a nice addition if you’d mentioned it… oh, two, three months ago?)


  3. I was thinking this was some sort of (early) April Fool’s joke until I read the fourth paragraph. It’s too bad you’re giving up on WC3, but everyone has to give up sometime. I look foreward to playing the standalone. Great work with everything you’ve already done (the models, the instructions manual, the systems, the terrain, the story, the entire map, and all that other stuff I forgot to mention), but it sucks that you didn’t have enough motivation to implement all your ideas.


    1. I think I’ve got to the end of what’s easy and compelling by now. All the things I wanted to do before fitted perfectly, but obviously Project Y4 was straining at the bounds and they’ve finally snapped. The stand-alone should allow for much better results in the long term, and there will definitely be little shareware demos before the real thing goes on sale.


      1. Don’t worry, it’s a long way away. For something of an equivalent scope to my WC3 maps (i.e. 4-10 hours), I expect to charge no more than the price of a beer.


      2. Who cares about something as outdated as weapon packs? I want the pre-order only cosmetic Special Hat. Everyone nows that’s the whole point of modern gaming!


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