LoneWiki: Version

LoneWikiLoneWiki hasn’t been updated in a while, but I’ve been making good use of it recently so this is a general tweak/fix update established from my adventures. Check after the break for the full change log.

Download LoneWiki version here.

As always, let me know if you find anything dodgy or would like something new!

Category and Page Stylesheets

I found that with the original system, of having one base stylesheet that can be completely overridden at a page or category level meant that I had a massive amount of redundancy — styles that I wanted to keep from the base had to be replicated across all the sheets, making them a real pain to tweak.

So I’ve updated the system a bit. Now, the wiki’s base stylesheet (i.e. \lonewiki.css) is always included along with the most specific page- or category-level stylesheet available (e.g. bbq\hax\lonewiki.css). This means that you can get a good mix of generic and specific styles without copying the generic styles everywhere.


Images no longer forcibly create their own paragraphs. They now exist embedded in their parent paragraphs (the table/caption structure remains unchanged), so they can fit inline amongst text and lists and whatever.

Ordered Lists

Funny, I never realised ordered lists were missing until recently. They function exactly the same as unordered lists (infinitely nestible!), but are signified by a “#” rather than a “-” and produce <ol> tags for numbered lists. Useful? I think so.

General Fixes & Additions

  • Fixed some unhandled errors around page/category existence.
  • Fixed empty square brackets [] failing during parsing.
  • Fixed error on trying to link#anchor scroll to a non-existent header.
  • Fixed issues with rendering a nested list at the end of a page.
  • Fixed failure to update page discarding changes if new file name is already in use.
  • Fixed issue with image paths having double slashes added in some circumstances.
  • Fixed issue where category that had no page content could not be renamed.
  • Added confirmation for cancelling changes to a page.
  • Added div tag with class “content” around all page output for CSS convenience.
  • Added right-click menu to Page Index window with Refresh command, and made it refresh if you click the menu item again while the window is still open.

And you tell me...

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