Aside 31: Ho Hum

I haven’t posted anything new for longer than usual because I’m sitting on a couple of so-far uninspired entries on fantasy lore and RPG mechanics that are refusing to develop far enough for them to be considered postable.

I’m also not doing anything remotely interesting right now; play time is currently devoted to legendary one-man Warcraft III epic Wanderers of Sorceria, but I can offer no noteworthy comment so there’s no SPRPG Diary here.

On the other hand, work time is devoted to Project Y4 R02 — I’ve even got WC3 installed at the office once more, so testing and tweaking are back on the menu for lunch hour (during this heatwave it’s not worth going out for a walk so I’ll just have to get a little fat). Add to that the continuing novelisation efforts on the train… My brain is full of mush.

And you tell me...

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