Aside 30: I Wrote a Million Words

The writing project is continuing apace, and I have to say… The gambit is succeeding.

It’s kind of beautiful, watching something take shape like this. The structure is growing, twisting, the plot strands mutating and splitting and entwining… It’s wonderful to see it all laid out across a single document; a page longer than your arm, filled with hundreds and hundreds of simple lines that mean so much more. Plot holes are being found and filled, inconsistencies are being smoothed over, weaker elements are being fleshed out or chopped, and new opportunities are being explored. It seems so easy now.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a long way from complete — but when something like is complete enough that you can really see where it’s going, all the pieces slotting together…  Hairs on the back of the neck and butterflies in the stomach, an’ aw that.

And you tell me...

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