Blog 558: Pacific Rim

I grew up on the cheesier end of the Shōwa-era Godzilla films (when Godzilla became more of a hero than an unstoppable force of nature), taping them when they appeared at unearthly hours of the night on Channel 4. They gave voice to a love of giant monsters fighting each other that had been present since Star Wars‘ AT-ATs, but these films haven’t appeared on terrestrial TV for ages and I’m starting to pine for them again (not to mention all the ones I have never seen, like the very original).

Hollywood hasn’t done particularly well in filling in the gaps. What was the last blockbuster monster movie — Cloverfield? That was a bit of a mess (but I never liked shakycam anyway). 1998’s Godzilla? No, he was a cheap knock-off (Jean Reno notwithstanding).

On the face of it, then, Pacific Rim seems like what I’ve been waiting for. Not only does it have giant monsters, but it has giant monsters and giant robots. Directed by Guillermo del Pan’s Labyrinth Toro and starring BBC crime drama darling Idris Elba, it sounded almost too good to be true.

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Aside 32: No Surprises


Go to your Stats page and check your top 3-5 posts. Why do you think they’ve been successful? Find the connection between them, and write about it.

This Wreckage 22,143
Quest Guide 3,929
Frequently Asked Questions 3,712
RDZ Industries: Project Y4 2,437

Well, it makes sense — This Wreckage is what I’m known for and this is where to get it (and help with its myriad puzzles). I guess the fact that people are also scanning the archives must mean there’s at least the barest interest in the entire rest of my posting history. And then Y4 is trailing away in the distance, but, well, it’s heartening to see it on the board.

The top actual blog entry, at 10th on the roster, is Rexxar, Oh Rexxar. Because he’s a popular character and therefore garners a hell of a lot of search engine traffic — especially in cyrillic, for some reason.

Since Project Y4 is just This Wreckage In Space, these pages are all connected by This Wreckage. Funny that, the actual product sells better than the endless chatter… I’m sure there’s a lesson in here somewhere. Maybe I shouldn’t be worried about having nothing to post about after all.

Aside 31: Ho Hum


I haven’t posted anything new for longer than usual because I’m sitting on a couple of so-far uninspired entries on fantasy lore and RPG mechanics that are refusing to develop far enough for them to be considered postable.

I’m also not doing anything remotely interesting right now; play time is currently devoted to legendary one-man Warcraft III epic Wanderers of Sorceria, but I can offer no noteworthy comment so there’s no SPRPG Diary here.

On the other hand, work time is devoted to Project Y4 R02 — I’ve even got WC3 installed at the office once more, so testing and tweaking are back on the menu for lunch hour (during this heatwave it’s not worth going out for a walk so I’ll just have to get a little fat). Add to that the continuing novelisation efforts on the train… My brain is full of mush.

Aside 30: I Wrote a Million Words


The writing project is continuing apace, and I have to say… The gambit is succeeding.

It’s kind of beautiful, watching something take shape like this. The structure is growing, twisting, the plot strands mutating and splitting and entwining… It’s wonderful to see it all laid out across a single document; a page longer than your arm, filled with hundreds and hundreds of simple lines that mean so much more. Plot holes are being found and filled, inconsistencies are being smoothed over, weaker elements are being fleshed out or chopped, and new opportunities are being explored. It seems so easy now.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a long way from complete — but when something like is complete enough that you can really see where it’s going, all the pieces slotting together…  Hairs on the back of the neck and butterflies in the stomach, an’ aw that.

Blog 557: Through the Borderlands

Since Torchlight was a stylised hack ‘n’ slash loot-grinder, it reminded me of that other stylised loot-grinder of recent years: Borderlands. I played it once before but my words were rambly and a bit shite, so I won’t bother trying to link-bait you into reading it (savvy users can obviously abuse other functions to find it).

This isn’t “late to the party” because I did actually play Borderlands around when it first came out. This is more like a “revisited”, except instead of being a cheap ass-TV programme where they repeat the entire episode and slam on an extra five minutes, I’ve done everything from scratch. This time there are screenshots, at the very least.

To avoid any confusion, I’m just going to lay my cards on the table before we go any further: I like Claptrap.

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