Aside 27: OMD Continue To Be Awesome

OMD’s new album English Electric is pretty much the best thing since Dazzle Ships.

Last night, they played at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall in support of this. The whole place stood up and danced right from the beginning, and every song was bookended by rapturous applause. The band stood there with giant cheesy grins on their faces — it’s clear that they love doing what they do, and they get as much of a buzz seeing us go wild to it as we do actually going wild to it. The tunes are consistently excellent and were performed with gusto, the new songs fitted seamlessly into the set and (always a worry) were greeted by the same ecstatic reception as the old classics. They may be old men, but they continue to top their game with every show.

Which was in stark contrast to support act John Foxx and the Maths, who played extremely angry “dark synth” slightly too loud for comfort with a total poker face. Some of it was all right, but the set was fairly homogenous. And slightly threatening.

And you tell me...

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