Blog 548: The Golden Dragon

With the advent of proper golden plastic, rather than foil-wrapped strange-milky-white bits, I guess a set like this was inevitable. I remember when mirrored silver pieces were exciting rarities until the foil chipped off — now it’s hard to buy a set that doesn’t have a few softly metallised gold or silver pieces.

So I jumped ship from a job recently, and (as is surely going to become a lifelong tradition) was gifted with Lego by my esteemed colleagues.

70503 The Golden Dragon

The Golden Dragon, as its name implies, is composed mostly of golden pieces. Plates, blades, huge squishy face pieces — big slabs of glorious bling make up the bulk of this very satisfying monster.

I especially like the wing-blades. They’re neatly stylised without descending into heaps of cloth or slabs of plastic, so I’d rather imagine this beast as flightless but covered in spikes reminiscent of what its smaller ancestors might have had (as the dragons of the Wreckageverse will be) rather than conventionally winged.

Even though I’m not entirely sure if it’s meant to be a robot or not.

Rawr or something.
Rawr or something.

Its construction is a little bit strange, though. It might be more of a Lindorm-type dragon than a traditional Welsh dragon or somesuch (i.e. legs and arms alone rather than legs, arms and wings), but its wings extend from directly above its hips rather from its shoulders. This makes it a bit weird when standing around, sort of boat-shaped rather than able to comfortably pitch forward to rest on its claws. Then again, from a distance it does work. It’s only when you get into the nitty-gritty close-ups that it starts to wobble.

Posability on the whole is a bit of an issue, though. I’ve always said that the larger a model is, the more joints it should have — the recent velociraptor, for example, hits the sweet spot for its size and shape (I might even go so far as to say the twistable neck is above and beyond the call of duty).

This dragon, however, despite being built from normal pieces, doesn’t quite have enough — its legs are insensate stumps that are mobile only at the hips, while the head houses a ball launcher rather than a posable jaw. The tail’s pretty good, though, with a few ball-jointed links and that stylish pincer on the end. The arms aren’t too bad either, even though it can’t scratch its own face — and that could surely be solved by swapping those technic bends they’re mounted on for more hinges.

I think I might combine this set with Rocka and/or Black Phantom to get some additional ball-jointed pieces in there. Move the wings forward and the legs back, add knees and a bit of a neck… Ye-e-e-es.

I'd have been happy with the dragon alone, you know. There's no need for a strange little catapult and five more weapons than there are figures to hold them.
I’d have been happy with the dragon alone, you know. There’s no need for a strange little catapult and five more weapons than there are figures to hold them.

The figures in this set are a also mixed bag. Well, okay, 2 out of 3 ain’t a mixed bag, that’s actually “not bad”.

The golden ninja himself is pretty crazy, and while the draconic daikatana is quite epic it feels slightly too big for the man holding it (the normal katanas are bad enough in my book, I’m still waiting for a wakizashi of an equivalent size to the traditional medieval swords). Previously, the only all-gold figure was C3-PO, and he’s not much for battling medieval knights, even with a golden chainsaw — a golden ninja, however, will do nicely.

Joining in as fairly superfluous opponents (surely the best strategy would be set this up against a totally seperate other giant monster set rather than append a person-launching catapult and two foot-soldiers?), there are two demonic figures. The larger of the two is brilliantly designed — the shoulderpads and fairly substantial mask/helmet serve to make him feel bigger than standard minifigures, without totally shafting his proportions. Slam that oversized scimitar on and you have a proper bad-ass villain.

The stubby legs on his companion are just bad, though — the rest of the figure is totally normal so they just make him look wonky rather than dwarven. I’m pretty sure those stubby legs could still be posable too, but I suspect I shall be raiding the archives for a proper pair of black trousers for this man instead. I can see what they’re going for, but it just doesn’t work.

The dragon detailing on the daikatana is definitely dapper.
The dragon detailing on the daikatana is definitely dapper.

4625 Pink Brick Box

Yes, yes, there’s always a bogey prize if you annoy your colleagues enough (my bad puns will become legendary at the new pad soon enough, I am sure). The second half of the loot-bag consistend of this rather fetching box of pink, lilac and purple bricks.

Lego may have issues with gender stereotyping (I’m pretty sure all the girly stuff could be gender-neutrally folded into City, but what do I know about women?), but I ain’t too proud to add these bricks to my mix. The generic blocks should let the Lion Knights construct more elaborate fortifications with which to repel the Dragon Knights’ advances (seeing as now they have, y’know, an actual fucking dragon on their team). I can ask a geologist for some pink/lilac/purple rocks to justify the peculiar colour scheme of this fantastical realm… Or I’ll just call wild magic.

Chicks dig wild magic, right?

Sooooo kawaii.
Sooooo kawaii.

4 thoughts on “Blog 548: The Golden Dragon”

  1. Sooo… in the pink set, is that green thing supposed to be a lamp or a bottle of beer?
    Like the design of that dragon, but the launcher in the head looks really silly and gimicky. Also: still like the ‘real’ ones more 😛


    1. I think it’s meant to be a bottle of soft drink (being for kids an aw’), but I like the idea of beer better!

      The ball launchers ain’t a patch on the old Slizer disc-throwers, grumble grumble. To be honest, the baws are just more bits to lose. At least flick-firing missiles can be locked in place because they are technic-shaped — there’s no way of locking down the balls (could do with a stud or two sunk into the poles?). As I said, a posable jaw would be much more appreciated. 🙂


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