Blog 551: Train of Thought

I am a seasoned commuter by now. I’ve had some adventures along the way, though for a while there I managed to work in Glasgow city centre and avoid anything worse than a ten-minute train ride bookended by pleasant walks.

Of course that was never going to last. I’ve recently fetched up in Edinburgh, which for the uninitiated is a 55-minute train ride from Glasgow city centre.

It is quite a long journey, but the trains are fairly comfortable and there aren’t many stops — as long as you can get wedged into a good window seat, it’s safe to chow down on some more meaty activity than is usually possible…

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Blog 550: Venetica Again

While I am meaning to replay Planescape: Torment at some point soon, I felt that I should probably leave it off until my mind is released from the brilliant but bewildering complexity of Steven Erikson’s Malazan Book of the Fallen series. With the days increasingly lengthy from a new job bookended by at least 1h30 of commute, I also felt that maybe I needed to settle in a bit before biting into a super-giant slab of RPG… So I wanted to play something a little more lightweight.

I enjoyed Venetica the first time around, and that was a long time ago, so why not give it another spin and see what falls out?

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Blog 549: The Procedural Dungeon of Y4 R02

Sometimes, the development process runs away with you. One day, you just want to make a weapon based only the vague assertion that “it should be the most powerful weapon in the game”, but then you have the bigger problem of finding somewhere to put it.

Then, after a while, you come up with the answer… And it’s terrifying.

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Aside 27: OMD Continue To Be Awesome


OMD’s new album English Electric is pretty much the best thing since Dazzle Ships.

Last night, they played at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall in support of this. The whole place stood up and danced right from the beginning, and every song was bookended by rapturous applause. The band stood there with giant cheesy grins on their faces — it’s clear that they love doing what they do, and they get as much of a buzz seeing us go wild to it as we do actually going wild to it. The tunes are consistently excellent and were performed with gusto, the new songs fitted seamlessly into the set and (always a worry) were greeted by the same ecstatic reception as the old classics. They may be old men, but they continue to top their game with every show.

Which was in stark contrast to support act John Foxx and the Maths, who played extremely angry “dark synth” slightly too loud for comfort with a total poker face. Some of it was all right, but the set was fairly homogenous. And slightly threatening.

Blog 548: The Golden Dragon

With the advent of proper golden plastic, rather than foil-wrapped strange-milky-white bits, I guess a set like this was inevitable. I remember when mirrored silver pieces were exciting rarities until the foil chipped off — now it’s hard to buy a set that doesn’t have a few softly metallised gold or silver pieces.

So I jumped ship from a job recently, and (as is surely going to become a lifelong tradition) was gifted with Lego by my esteemed colleagues.

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