Aside 26: Cult of Personality

An associate recently remarked to me, on the subject of this blog, that the game reviews and so on are so much less personal than… well, things like this, and much of what came before the move from MySpace.

It got me thinking… I’m not sure that’s true at all. While an obviously personal story might be obvious, I’m sure that the reviews (and, hell, the developer diaries) are just as revealing, if in a slightly different way. You can tell a lot about a man by the things that he likes and the way he works, and I reckon the minutiae of what I focus on in each blog probably speak louder than any real-life anecdotes from the grim world of work and pubs. (The The Day I Made an Arena Sequence springs to mind as a good illustration, being both a technical chronicle and an unbroken train of throught.)

As a real-life friend once noted on attempting to play This Wreckage, “every character sounds like you”. All the entries here sound like me… Don’t they?

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