Aside 23: Created a Monster

In case you hadn’t realised, freeDom was an April Fool’s joke. The scary thing is that it’s got a hideous amount of click-through compared to any of my real project announcements. While everybody that got the joke loved Emo Henrik’s dialogue, everyone that took it seriously… seemed to enjoy Emo Henrik’s dialogue too. Why do people actually like this kind of stuff?

The mind boggles.

Next year: RDZ DotA. “Offline singleplayer does not fit with our vision for the project.” Too obvious?

4 thoughts on “Aside 23: Created a Monster”

    1. I guess I was more poking at the Batmans and the Human Revolutions and the Thi4fs of this world… It might be fine in balance and small chunks, but when it’s everywhere it gets awfully tiresome. (Especially when it destroys existing fiction rather than being confident enough to write itself as something new.)


      1. I know what you mean. I’ve seen so many books nowadays claiming to be like GoT…


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