Aside 21: Classic Dance Saturday

I have been meaning to explain Classic Dance Saturday.

Classic Dance Saturday was a radio show that used to play, funnily enough, on a Saturday night, on QFM (before it was Q96 and then died). The name perfectly describes it, though there were still plenty of modern (at the time) additions. This was a rather long time ago, long before our family owned any computers… The darkest depths of the mid 90s.

I didn’t know my musical arse from my musical elbow back then; I just listened to the radio because silence scared me. But I found that I rather liked all the classic dance tunes that this show would play, so I’d sit in my bedroom all Saturday night, building Lego models and enjoying the music.

Classic Dance Saturday the playlist, then, is an attempt to recapture those days. It is not the full length and breadth of Classic Dance, for there are other dance hits that have come before (and after) but were simply not on the show (or my memory of it). This is merely a snapshot of what I heard then, and it continues to grow as I am reminded of elements (and/or Spotify gets a hold of them).

And you tell me...

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