Aside 20: Orchestral Blogs in the Dark

Style change time!

After a minor bookface poll that came out in favour of the new style, I decided to go ahead and turn dark. It’s not that strange a change — I had the orange/black of the Project Y4 in the header for ages anyway, so rolling that out to the entire site is a perfectly natural update.

Let me know what you think! If too many eyes start bleeding I’ll go back to a light scheme and think about re-doing the colours entirely.

6 thoughts on “Aside 20: Orchestral Blogs in the Dark”

    1. Yeah, the all the WC3 pages settled better on the light theme but it won’t let me have any page specificity so it’s all or nothing. Maybe I can hack the CSS a little more to give them borders to ease the transition…

      But it’s soooooo sexy.


  1. I mostly don’t like the one-sided striping, it’s kind of distracting. The actual color scheme itself is fine. 🙂 (And I know the striping is related to Y4, maybe you will want to keep it anyway)


    1. Well, I felt the blank background was a bit boring so I wanted to introduce something to spice it up a bit. It shifts a lot depending on your screen size — it’s less intrusive on a widescreen since the centre column remains the same size, and I think it’s quite nice gently overlapping on my 1280×1024, but I guess it might be a bit nasty on anything slimmer than that. I’ll leave it up for a wee while and see how it goes anyway!


      1. I’m 1600×900, I’m used to the new design by now and you are right that it works well. I still sort of wish there were matching stripes on the right though. Good move overall!


      2. Hmm, see, I think doing stripes on both sides would be overdoing it. On the other hand, it’s not possible to implement different things on each side (at least, without buying Custom CSS or whatnot), so you’re out of luck!


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