Aside 15: Map Minisites


Some recent visitors may have noticed screenshots appearing on the WC3 map pages. I’m in the middle of sprucing the place up a bit — WtFSA and the RDZArena have been moved from the This Wreckage page to their own dedicated pages, and there’s a new Warcraft III “hub” page to index all that dirty modding stuff.

So right now This Wreckage‘s home page is looking a bit bare. Please hold on a little longer while I gather some screenshots for it…

Blog 527: Winter Warmer

So, yeah, that map I call Brownscape: Torment, to the endless delight of everybody in the real world who makes out like it’s a poop joke, and to the consternation of all the internet people who wanted it to be more like Planescape: Torment.

One simply cannot win when one takes arbitrary words and then mangles them together, but I’ve been doing that since before I can remember so I’m not going to give up now.

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Aside 14: The Endless Crash: Y4 R01d


My quest for smooth fades in a world that can barely handle consistent transparency, let alone constantly changing transparency, is over. The bomb drop crash bug persists even into R01c (sure, for an ever-dwindling subset of system configurations, but it’s still there) — so I’m going to bite the bullet and just make the bloody activation circles switch off instead of fading out. If this doesn’t fix the problem I am probably just going to kill myself.

The plus side? You get the Projector Kit, Prox Mod and Aegis early, because I’ve already implemented them. Merry Christmas!

Blog 526: A Space Mod Came Travelling Y4

As the old Andy Willams song goes, “it’s the most productive time of the year”. Project Y4 might have been on the backburner since its release, and Brownscape: Torment may be revving up in the shadows (it might even have a proper name soon), but three years after Arena Y4 surfed into life in the run up to crimbo, it seems only right that we take the season of joy and love to open up the dialogue about R02 — the long-prophesied content-focused update.

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Blog 525: Divinity Discourses: More Divine Divinity

I think most of my comments about Divine Divinity‘s difficulty stemmed from how badly I arsed up the introduction — right down to being unable to access a giant tomb full of nice level 1 and 2 skeletons that would have been ripe for my fledgling Survivor. But no, I had to completely miss the manuscript on the floor with the instructions on how to get in and give up. I got in at level 24 and… Well, didn’t get much useful experience out of it.

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Aside 13: The Human League


I think the Human League could do with going the way of Ultravox, in that Ultravox are not shy of cracking out hidden gems from their albums alongside the hits. That’s not to say the League’s hit-list is bad; indeed, the entire audience was singing more than just Don’t You Want Me back at them (me included, natch). The drunk woman falling about in front of me marred an otherwise belting performance, that saw Phil Oakey start off dressed as some kind of apocalyptic hero with crazy over-the-head goggles.

I wasn’t the only young person there; I did spot some girls to my right. Six out of however many hundreds you can cram into the O2 Academy ain’t bad, right?