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Aside 07: Ultravox — Live at the Armadillo

If all concerts forever after follow this format, I will be forever satisfied.

It’s becoming fashionable — Howard Jones did it, Nik Kershaw did it, and now Ultravox have done it: eschewed a support act for a split show.

For Ultravox this entailed a concert whose total length was well in excess of two hours. I feared that, surely, some of my favourite tunes would be dropped as we marched relentlessly to the end that just never came. Oh, how sweet that disappointment was! White China, We Stand Alone, I Remember (Death in the Afternoon)… All Stood Still, Mr. X, Vienna… Something’s going to give, right? Wrong. Passing Strangers, Hymn, Dancing With Tears In My Eyes… I was hoping for Love‘s– Love’s Great Adventure, One Small Day, The Voice, Astradyne (yes, they even squeezed in Astradyne)... And that’s not even counting the incredible selection of my favourites from the new album, including Live, Flow, Lie (wasn’t expecting that one!) and the beautiful Contact. That’s not the order they occurred in and that’s a heavily truncated list, but I think you get the point — they just kept going and going and going, and it was incredible.

I knew every single word and howled my heart and soul out. The bar has been raised, and who can hope to dislodge the mighty Ultravox?

And you tell me...

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