Aside 06: Federation of the Disco Pimp — Live at Strathclyde Union


Federation of the Disco Pimp’s More Than Dancing album launch event clearly wasn’t a sell-out. This was, however, to its advantage — because for once, I was not the only (nor even the most) enthusiastic audience member. The entire front crescent were, as they say in the business, “getting mad wie it” to all the tunes and there was nary a dull moment. It felt good to be among equally dance-minded people, even though I had never heard a single song by the band before. A good night was had by all.

The entrance to the top-floor club at the Strathclyde University Student Union was also like the Crystal Maze.

Blog 514: Ablogalyptica

This was actually one of the first “modern” games I ever bought. Purchased for thirty pieces of silver in advance of my last computer (I referred to it as Behemoth at the time, but Daedalus is much bigger), this bizarre and unholy union of Christian mythology and a mental sci-fi arcadey slash ’em-up has been long forgotten, mercilessly washed aside by the flood of heavyweight RPGs, FPS/RPG hybrids and, holy of holies, Unreal Tournament.

There could be other reasons why it was inevitable forgotten, and they are no doubt elaborated below. But sometimes you just want to play something a bit different, and why buy new stuff when you’ve got old stuff you haven’t played for years?

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Aside 05: Nik Kershaw — Live at the ABC


Crammed into the ABC 2 rather than the main hall itself, Nik Kershaw treated us to a more intimate gig than we expected. This didn’t seem to blunt his enthusiasm — an hour of mixed hits and new material ending with The Riddle, a twenty minute break and then the whole of his first album Human Racing (both sets abounding with beautifully extended guitar solos), followed by a three-song encore, put his time on stage well up to the two hour mark (there was no support act). Can’t knock him for value.

Using The Riddle so early and finishing the Human Racing set with I Won’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me seemed to leave nothing appropriate for the final song, but then he floored the place with a thunderous rendition of Chesney Hawke’s I Am The One And Only, a song that Nik wrote. “I’ve run out of hits, so I’ll play someone else’s,” he quipped.

On the strength of that performance, methinks he should be filling slightly larger venues, should there be a next time.

Blog 513: The Hardware Review

For my birthday, I got a new mouse and keyboard. Proper ones, I mean, not just another round of el cheapo accompaniments. For my gaming pleasure… You know, all those modern games I don’t enjoy play.

So since I’ve had some time to play a few games with them (Unreal Tournament, Crysis 2, Saints Row the Third, and currently in the middle of Unreal Tournament 3) I suppose it’s time to do a little reviewing…

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Blog 512: Saints Blog: The Third

I heard a lot about Saints Row: The Third being wonderfully ludicrous at the time, but I passed it by because I wasn’t interested enough to pay full release price for it (like the sucker I have been for some poor prequels/sequels of late). But then I was in HMV and I saw it for £12 and thought to myself — why the hell not?

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