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Blog 510: RDZ Industries: Project Y4 RELEASED

DOWNLOAD RDZ Industries: Project Y4 NOW at ModDB

RDZ Industries: Project Y4

Every vertex. Every face. Every joint and every keyframe of every model. Every custom object, every trigger, every line of script and every word of fluff-text. I have just made a total conversion all by myself.

Okay, that’s not entirely true — I used pictures from and generated others using Impact Texture Studio, and the sound effects are from, and, and I couldn’t have done anything at all without Milkshape 3D, Paint Shop Pro 7, Wavepad, OpenMPT or Warcraft III itself (or Windows, or any of the hardware vendors that put stuff in Daedalus). And my inspirations, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (most notably Dazzle Ships), Unreal Tournament, Star Wars… There is nothing original in art, and I’m probably standing on the shoulders of giants more than most. But I did all the important stuff myself, right?

And then, when I say “made”, I don’t really mean that either. There’s still much more to do — bonus missions, additional side quests, extras that will round the whole thing out. But even if I die now, what exists can stand on its own two feet (I don’t intend to die now). The extra stuff will be just like DLC, and everyone loves that, especially when it’s free. Except it won’t be terrible fanfic add-ons, it really will be stuff that’s been planned for but I didn’t have time (“time”, roflcopter) to put in. Ask McPhail, he knows I’ve got the whole bloody universe mapped out, he had to suffer itg all the way home from the pub one night.

Anyway, it’s out now. Project Y4 R01 is ready for you. Are you ready for it? I hope so. I hope, after all this time, you actually like it, because I’ve put a fair amount of my heart and soul into this thing (it’s a labour of love so please don’t ask me why).

Now, stop reading this nonsense and get to playing the project! You’ve got Warcraft III: the Frozen Throne and patched to 1.26 or higher, right? Go! To ModDB!

RDZ Industries: Project Y4 R01

But, well, holy shit. I actually did it. I made a total conversion.

28 thoughts on “Blog 510: RDZ Industries: Project Y4 RELEASED”

  1. The game crashes right after I plant the bomb during the first mission, and the clock seems to have problems with display,there’s a white square block in its place. Might it have something to do with my copy being in a different language than English? (System requirements are met, the version is 1.26 and so on.) – this message appears every time the bomb is dropped, right afrer the green light over the detonation area disappears. Should I go into details about how I went through the game up until the error occurs (things I’ve done, encountered enemies, items found)?
    If necessary, I will send the error log and/or the save file.
    PS: As English is not my first language, I apologize for every mistake I might have done, and will be happy to clarify anything that seems unintelligible (also excuse me for this:


    1. The bomb drop crash bug has been fixed in version R01a, so if you’d care to download the update you should be able to proceed. Not entirely sure what was causing it, but some seemingly incidental fixes appear to have solved the issue for everyone else that was experiencing it.

      Not sure what’s up with the clock, nobody else has ever reported this and I’ve never seen it before. It’s a straight imported image so I don’t see how it would break for you and not for everyone else (unless it’s one of these funny-image-dimensions-that-some-graphics-cards-don’t-like issues).


      1. Thanks for the feedback.
        Unfortunately, the crash still happens, even though my version is R01a. Downloaded it yesterday.


      2. RDZ, I am getting the same exact error that GV screenshotted in R01b and I cannot get past the bomb planting part. The moment I plant it, the green border around the area fades away, and then I get the error as the app crashes. I am running Windows 7 Ultimate x64 English language version with a fully patched TFT install. Clock looks fine to me as well.


      3. One thing I noticed from GV’s screenshot is that he, like me, have WC3 installed on our E: drive (I put all of my programs on a separate partition to make re-osing easier). Also, my error after ACCESS_VIOLATION has 0023 as the first four characters, but that might just be a location in RAM or something.

        I just tried running it in Windows XP SP2 compatibility mode but got the same error. Let me know if you want me to test anything. If you want me to install it on my C: drive, that’s more of a pain in the a** but I’ll do it if I have to. Thanks!


      4. I don’t see why using a different hard drive would make any difference, nor compatibility mode: if anything is going wrong it’s going to be inside WC3’s virtual machine which is very well insulated, or else in the custom artwork. I thought it might be a Mac-specific issue but that definitely isn’t the case now. What’s perplexing is that I can’t see anything untoward happening at that point — I got sent a video of the issue and it seems to crash immediately on the activation circle finishing its death anim, but there’s nothing at all strange in the model (if it was an issue here the map would crash way sooner than the bomb drop — I use all the same tricks everywhere) and certainly nothing in the triggerwork that might try to refer to the unit once it’s dead and nulled.

        Of course it doesn’t help that everything works just fine for me. If I had an install where it broke I’d at least know once I’d fixed it.


      5. My crash logs are located in E:\War3\Errors

        Where can I send them? I zipped them with 7zip.


  2. Just got killed while I was using a communicator 😦

    It was the communicator where you ask wether they can turn off the drone production or otherwise make you some.


      1. Unpaused drone. It wasn’t there when the cin started and there is a spawn point near, so it’s possible that it spawned.
        Also, I just did the protecting the core while other guys reprogram it thing and got a problem (died more than once, in case it matters). I don’t know if it happened during the fighting or during events but now my F2 inventory is dead. Icon is there but dark and unclickable, when I pick up new mods the old ones (of the same catagory) stay in my normal inventory.


      2. I’m sure I put in a cinematic auto-pause for spawns that occur during cinematics but I will re-examine it. I haven’t had a dead cargo hold since This Wreckage, so that’s a wierd one. When the cargo hold died, did you die in any particularly special way e.g. using a large bomb or something else? It should be invulnerable but if I can’t find out why it happened I’ll add a failsafe to resurrect it.


      3. It was only after the event was done with that I noticed it was dead, so I can’t be sure. It was chaotic and gas clouds and rocket explosions were plenty during the fight.
        Also, I don’t know if the drop stuff at north bunker is fully implemented, but if it is I don’t have a clue what I’m supposed to be able to drop there. (no weapons or shell mods, apperantly)


      4. The north research bunker only works on special “junk” items. You’ll recognise them when you see them!

        I originally planned to have some actual items upgradeable, but I didn’t want to risk having you lose your weapon and then be unable to afford the upgrade or a replacement.


      5. Alright, I found something to give those scientists so that works 😛
        Had to clean the area around the core of drones. Did that, but the counter says there’s still one left. Mission log has the clear area of rogue drones in grey and rescinded, but the counter says there’s 1 and no event is starting.


      6. Aargh. If there’s one left then there is indeed one left, but if you can’t find it I have the horrible feeling it might have somehow wandered off the Hill. The drones to kill should patrol clockwise around the Core, so go round anti-clockwise one just time just in case. Otherwise, start killing drones near the hill until you trigger the cinematic? 😦 I will need to add some additional containment procedures… 😦


      7. Managed to kill the drone, it had indeed escaped the designated area.
        The dead inventory I mentioned earlier has the side effect that I can use any combination of items that space permits me. After being frustrated about the sturdiness of the final boss, I finally beat him by using a combination of the spider and scrap shell mods. Go go endless spiders 😛


      8. Cheat! Final boss isn’t hard, you just need to keep moving and shoot the cannisters at the right moments.

        I’m glad you didn’t get stuck behind the pre-boss, though. I was worried people might not pick up on its shield’s cooldown so I had to shove an obvious reference into the big reveal text.

        So, overall, what’s the verdict. Good/indifferent/bad/ugly/monumentalfailure?


      9. Good. The storytelling is, to be honest, better than some professional games.
        By shooting the canisters, do you mean you have to exit the vault and lead the boss back along the passageway? Because I remember trying to exit from the vault once and got the impression I couldn’t. Perhaps I made a mistake there.
        From the way to boss was shooting and warping I got the feeling that you were supposed to dodge the shots, stun him, bash him and back out again before the stun stops and the AoE damage comes. Though I suppose that’s hard if you havn’t taken the extra long stun upgrade or any module for alternative damage. I stuck to the rapair bot module as soon as I got it, because it allowed me to use the increase in speed ability without fearing for my health.


      10. 😀

        No, there are eight cannisters around the edge of the chamber (little floating obelisks) — destroying them (either by EMP fallout from a Spiderbomb or direct pulse cannon shot and so on) induces one of three effects: repair, invulnerability or UDamage. They make the fight a little less one-sided.

        But otherwise, you do have the right strategy — avoid, stun as best you can (he tries to avoid artillery shots but doesn’t always and only ever stuns for a maximum of 3 seconds), and hit him hard with GEP rockets, Hate Cannon shots or Thaelite Refractor blasts. There may be other viable strategies, but that was the broad plan (and there’s a GEP gun outside just in case).


      11. I completely missed out those canisters…
        If they can repair, that also makes it easier to survive without the repair module. I comletely wrote off any other module because of my heavy reliance on repairing 😛 I can see how the fight would be easier if you can use rockets to deal damage.
        By the way, I ended up selling ores before I unlocked the smelter because I didn’t feel like keeping them on me all the time. (since they take space but are worth quite a bit) There was also one ore that I couldn’t pick up because it got blocked by the rock I shot to make it. Don’t remember where that was, but the ore fel to the lower right of it where I couldn’t walk to it.


      12. The cannisters choose randomly what effect will be deployed so there’s still a bit of pot-luck, but since the AP-AM is so fragile I needed something to keep it in the fight. Couldn’t expect you to go toe-to-toe with that without some kind of assistance.

        Somebody already spotted the tarochite fragment being gubbed at the bottom area, so I’ve fiddled with the terrain there to make sure it will be accessible.


  3. Congratulations. When I first heard about this I was afraid I wouldn’t get to play it since I got a new computer and I never really owned wc3 to begin with so I didn’t reinstall it. (It was my brothers when we used the same computer)
    Anyway. I ended up getting the disc again back when I replayed wtfsa and this wreckage. And I am just itching to get this going.


  4. Would this be a good page to report for bugs? Since this one happened before the first half-an-hour of the game.


      1. There’s only one for now, but it’s quite crippling. Was changing paintjobs, pressed S, it exited the paintjob mode but sent the whole game into pause mode. AP-AM not movable, every other unit is paused.
        And it stops limiting the minimap. Yep, curiosity killed me as a scrolled and saw something green in blue. Going to weep for myself spoiling the story now.


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