Aside 04: Y4 Daily

A short while ago, I gave in to peer pressure and signed up for the Twotters. I was always skeptical about how useful such a thing might be, considering most of my blogs hit a thousand words (let alone 140 characters) and that bookface‘s status updating already fills a similar contextless-spurt-shaped hole.

However, being limited to just that tiny bit of text does make the Twotters feed easily integrable into any other websty on the planet. I have noticed that ModDB, at some point, added Twotter support, so I thumped my account in there…

My strategy is thus: every day, I will post one twot about what I’ve done for Project Y4. This means I can keep track of just how unproductive I have been on any given day. Ideally, this will encourage productive behaviour that will speed the grand opening over the horizon (because right now I can only see its bald pate glinting in the sun).

So if I don’t post one day, or post “Y4 Daily: In the pub”, you can call me out on it. Keep your eye on the ModDB page, the top-right “Catch of the Day” box on here, or follow me on the actual Twotters, and let’s see if we can’t get this thing finished.

RDZ Industries: Project Y4

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