Aside 04: Y4 Daily


A short while ago, I gave in to peer pressure and signed up for the Twotters. I was always skeptical about how useful such a thing might be, considering most of my blogs hit a thousand words (let alone 140 characters) and that bookface‘s status updating already fills a similar contextless-spurt-shaped hole.

However, being limited to just that tiny bit of text does make the Twotters feed easily integrable into any other websty on the planet. I have noticed that ModDB, at some point, added Twotter support, so I thumped my account in there…

My strategy is thus: every day, I will post one twot about what I’ve done for Project Y4. This means I can keep track of just how unproductive I have been on any given day. Ideally, this will encourage productive behaviour that will speed the grand opening over the horizon (because right now I can only see its bald pate glinting in the sun).

So if I don’t post one day, or post “Y4 Daily: In the pub”, you can call me out on it. Keep your eye on the ModDB page, the top-right “Catch of the Day” box on here, or follow me on the actual Twotters, and let’s see if we can’t get this thing finished.

RDZ Industries: Project Y4

Blog 507: Release Strategy Y4

I don’t like playing incomplete maps, but they’re all the rage these days. Put out an endless “beta”, where the main quest just stops halfway through, and pretend to everyone that you’ll ever actually finish making the damn thing.

So it’s always been my philosophy that things should be released when they are complete (barring the inevitable fields of bug fixes).

Of course, with something on the scale of Project Y4 I’m beginning to realise that this may not be the best strategy…

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Blog 506: 5884 Raptor Chase

I’ve had this Lego model for a little while now, but it’s pretty baller so I really have to be effusive about it (I enjoy being effusive, even though being angry tends to get better ratings). I originally intended it to be one for the office, but it’s just too damn bad-ass for that (the office is now dominated by space ninjas and their impractically bladed vehicles).

So this is 5884 Raptor Chase, of the 2012 “Dino” range. It’s composed of three discrete sections: the Hellbender, the Raptor and the Base.

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Blog 505: From Germany With Love

Those Germans know their synth music. One of my favourite bands of “recent years” (in terms of discovery rather than actual age, natch) is The Twins, a synth-pop duo whose back catalogue I have begun to assemble. My most recent acquisition of theirs is Hold On To Your Dreams.

Even more recently, though, and at least a little more relevant to modernity (had I found it a few weeks earlier it might have fitted nicely into Old Men of Music), I’ve encountered an album by Alphaville from 2010, called Catching Rays On Giant

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Blog 504: Re-Ending

Yes, sweet readers, Mass Effect 3‘s “Final Cut” DLC is finally here.

I thought the original ending was a bit floppy and unsatisfying, but that’s life. I wasn’t going to go marching to BioWare to demand blood, I just moved on. Narratives are allowed to shoot themselves in all of their feet if that’s what they want (hell, I’m sure I’ve conked out at many a finale in my own projects). But everyone else bayed for blood, and now that baying has been answered by free — free — DLC.

This post is spoiler central, and won’t make any sense unless you’ve already completed the game.

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