Aside 03: Fun With Dropbox


So I’ve whipped up a little Warcraft III Models page to host some odds and ends in this wonderfully centralised location. Obviously, since the community is dead and I’m only putting up only the most bizarre and exotic of my forays into model editing (in all its forms), nobody will ever actually use them, but they’re there if you want another sneak peek into what was going on in my mind while I was working on This Wreckage and its ilk (or, heaven forfend, are actually making a Warcraft map). I’ll add more bits and pieces as and when I can be bothered (and/or I find them — I’m not the best at organising my folders).

The new page has gone under the new “Other” parent menu item, so I’ll see if I can’t dredge up any other random gubbins that might be fun.

Blog 503: Beyond Blog and Evil

Well, they said it was legendary, so it had been on my radar for a while. Critical acclaim, and all that. Then said it was 50% off last weekend, so I thought I may as well take the plunge (consumerism ho!).

So, Beyond Good and Evil is an action-adventure game from 2003.

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Blog 502: Old Men of Music

Most of my music collection was generated before I was born, or at the very least, when I was too young to notice.

But despite the aging nature of my favourite artists, a surprising number of them are still going strong — or have even re-emerged from the ashes of acrimonious splits.

Two new albums of 2012 by older artists have made their way into my hands recently: Morten Harket’s Out of My Hands and Ultravox’s Brilliant.

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Blog 501: Movie Night IV

With the DVDs weighing in at a total cost of precisely five pounds (bless you, sweet bargain basment), I think this may be the cheapest Movie Night ever. Then again, this could have been counterbalanced by the sky-rocketing price of cinema tickets these days.

Showing this week were Serenity, Tristan & Isolde, Prometheus and The Objective.

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