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Aside 2: The Island

Every now and then I feel compelled to go back through the Archives — a collection of old burnt CDs of successive back-ups made when moving between new computers or new installations of Windows, from the age before external hard drives.

Every time, I find the collossal library of Warcraft III maps from my earliest days. Most of them are plain dreadful, but have flashes of what I would become… And then there’s The Island, from 2006, which is an unfinished parody of all that I would become.

If you’ve got five minutes and fancy a totally daft speech-synth romp, check it out. Arrow keys rotate the camera, walk up to people and right-click them to speak to them.

2 thoughts on “Aside 2: The Island”

  1. what happens after you meet the owl in the forest? i walked all over the place and cant find anything to do


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