Asides, Nondescript

Aside 1: New Theme!

You may have noticed that the Excerpts now use a new theme.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the old one — but it was beginning to feel its age next to all these new-fangled themes that roll out every couple of weeks. All I really wanted was the same thing with new tech (Custom Header, Custom Background, Custom Menus, all the Customs you don’t have to pay for) and with a wider main column, but as I live my life wanting totally different things from everyone else that was clearly never going to happen (and though I want to build my own theme to submit for free use for everyone, that’s an exceptionally long term strategy).

So I’m now using the fairly generic but solid Twenty Eleven (last year #latetotheparty). Please bear with me while… things go wrong.

But it does have some nice new features, like these little micro-blog-type posts… May come in handy for when I don’t have a thousand-word epic to spew all over your screen.

And you tell me...

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