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Blog 499: Concepts of Y4

In the beginning, RDZ Industries models leapt fully-formed out of my mind and into Milkshape 3D… And, well, you could probably tell.

The process has changed significantly since then, and now involves a lot more paper. Of course, designs drift as they go from sketch 1 to Milkshape to sketch 10 and back to Milkshape again — but that’s what they’re meant to do, until after some kind of creative natural selection they converge on the most satisfying results.

One of the relics I retain from my previous employer is an A4, lined, hard-backed notebook. I think they intended me to take work-related notes in it, but an equal combination of boredom and stress found a somewhat different outlet over my tenure there, and eventually flourished to cover just under a hundred pages. That’s about half-way through the pad, and not being one to waste paper, I’m still using it.

This notebook has been with me for about half of Project Y4‘s ever-increasing development lifespan. It contains as many mad ramblings and ideas that never made the cut as it does prototypical visions of the models I’ve finished.

Unfortunately, one of the major design nightmares I can’t show you, because he’s a collossal spoiler. I drew him a stupid number of different ways, modelled him at least three times, and eventually canned the whole lot because I just couldn’t make him work. We can talk about him once the project is finished.

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